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Gentle formula - Talc free for sensitive skin Let's talk about your baby and your baby's skin. Diaper rash is very common however it is both curable and preventable. InfantDry uses only all-natural ingredients, is 100% talc-free and safe to use. By using InfantDry daily your cute little baby will spend more of its time playing and discovering new things instead of being sore and unhappy from diaper related skin irritations. InfantDry is unique and unlike any other baby powder on the market. This is because it has a proprietary formula that use only four all-natural ingredients that help restore irritated skin such, as diaper rash, and prevent it from coming back.

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Julia M.– InfantDry Customer and Mom

This is a lovely powder

Works well with all natural ingredients that I am very aware of. It contains bentonite clay and arrowroot powder with no talc. I loved it so much I use it for both my baby….and myself!


Camry D.– InfantDry Customer and Mom

Excellent product

Quieted my screaming baby and reduced a nasty rash to almost nothing within one diaper change. My good friend, who works at a natural food store and has an all-natural encyclopedia was very surprised at the simple ingredients and how effective it was. Will buy again!


Absolute life saver!.– InfantDry Customer and Mom

Absolute life saver!

We have 3 children and have always used regular baby powder, but with all the bad press about talc and now with our 4th child I needed to find an alternative and stumbled across an article talking about non talc alternatives. I certainly wish I would have known about it years ago. It is all natural and crazy amazing stuff that honestly makes my baby smile when I apply it. Buy with confidence.


Jorden.– InfantDry Customer and Mom

Worked on my kids.

When my baby has a diaper rash I use infantry, it solves the problem fast. I love infant dry because it makes my life as a mom so much easier. Whenever my kids have redness or soreness on their bottoms I put it on them, by the next day it’s gone. What drew me to infant dry is the fact that the ingredients are all natural. They don’t have harmful chemicals it’s talc free that gives me Peace of Mind and I don’t have to worry about using it on my babies. Infant dry makes my life so much easier.


Samantha B.– InfantDry Customer and Mom

Great for Hot and Humid Climate!

I live where its hot and humid and have a hard time keeping my babies tushy dry and rash free. I was recently flying to see family for the first time since this crazy pandemic and my baby was screaming on the plane needing a diaper change. I was given a bottle of this product while sitting next to the owner of the InfantDry company; and was in total shock at how fast it quieted her down. Later that evening while getting her ready for bed I noticed that the diaper rash that had been causing the issue on the plane was substantially reduced. The next day the rash was totally gone…..I wish I would have gotten his name to thank him for his kindness and introducing me to an amazing product! I am a new mom and just starting my family and will for sure be a customer for as long as I have kids in diapers!

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