Red, sore and inflamed skin is painful and can bring unnecessary tears.

With InfantDry It's Easy to Fix
or Your Money Back!


all natural baby powder

Gentle Formula - Talc Free, Crafted for delicate, sensitive skin

all natural baby powder

We only use 100% Natural Ingredients

Designed for newborns to toddlers, infantDry is 100% pure. It does not contain oils, perfumes or additives that can cause discomfort.


Let's face it, a Fresh and Dry baby is a Happy Baby! And if you are a parent, you already know that a fussy, wet, irritated, infant is inconsolable.

But its easy to fix with InfantDry

Designed for the most sensitive little bodies, InfantDry absorbs moisture and gives the gift of healthy skin.

Your baby's redness and irritation are nourished and on the road to speedy recovery while also being protected from future pain and inflammation.

"Before using InfantDry we had tried nearly everything!? Most baby powders clump and don't apply smoothly.? Since using InfantDry, not only has my babies rash disappeared but it has also helped cut down on the cost of trying various other products and also more expensive products.? It's been awesome to see the results go from such terrible skin irritations & rashes, to not having to worry about those issues anymore.

I would highly recommend this product even to my worst enemy."

~ Tanner R.

---Tanner and baby picture


Simply shake powder into your hand and apply gently to your infants? skin. Close lid after use, and store in a cool, dry place.

InfantDry is the best baby powder available!

InfantDry is the best baby powder available!

If you don't agree we'll give your money back, no questions asked.