How Infant Dry All Natural Baby Powder Soothed my Preemie

December 18, 2020

My son was born premature, which meant my husband and I had to go through brief consultations with the medical staff to help us learn how best to care for him. He was exceptionally tiny. Also, his lungs had not fully developed, so he had to take surfactant injections in the NICU. One of the first recommendations our doctor gave us was to avoid using baby powder because the talc could irritate my son’s delicate lungs.

When we finally got him home after several weeks spent in Neonatal Intensive Care, we were worried about everything. I remember many nights just sitting by the side of his crib, listening to him breathe and making sure those tiny breaths kept coming. We were especially careful in the way we cared for Greysen and the products we used. And the day I discovered Infant Dry Talc Free, All Natural Baby Powder was one I’ll always remember. It came in a package from a friend. She’d purchased the bathtub we had on our baby registry. And she’d filled it with small necessities that included this bottle of baby powder that I saw and instantly decided we would never use. I set it on the windowsill in the nursery and basically forgot it was there.

It was only about a week later that Grey developed a wicked case of diaper rash. Through the day, we had no trouble keeping him clean and dry. But at night, I had to set multiple alarms to change him. Otherwise, he would wake up with his diaper soaked and his skin red and painfully rashy.

One morning, I realized I’d slept through that last alarm after his early morning feeding, and the poor little guy was a sore, pink mess. I got him out of his wet diaper right away and wiped him gently with a warm baby wipe, but I was reluctant to re-diaper him, fearing it would aggravate his skin. That’s when I saw the bottle of Infant Dry still sitting in the window. In desperation, I grabbed it and quickly scanned the label to see it was actually talc free, all natural baby powder. I made the decision right there to try it.

It was one of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made as the parent of a newborn. Infant Dry All Natural Baby Powder went on smooth as silk. I gently patted it on, re-diapered, and was pleased to see it seemed to soothe Grey immediately. From that point on, he had no more rude morning awakenings to a sore, itchy behind. I’ve used Infant Dry Talc free powder regularly since that amazing morning, and still can’t really believe how well it works. It not only soothes diaper rash, but actually seems to help prevent it. I’ll never be without a bottle of Infant Dry All-Natural Baby Powder again. If you’re a mom who struggles with repeat diaper rash, and you’re wondering what baby powder has no talc, I highly recommend the Infant Dry brand.